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  • We are Financial Freedom  No.1 Marketplace for Loans, Insurance, Investments and Portfolio Management.

  • Our aim is to make personal finance decisions easy, convenient and transparent for our customers.

  • Financial Freedom is your one-stop destination for all types of loans, cards and investment products in India. We help you compare and choose from various financial products across categories such as Personal loans, Home loans, LAP, Credit Cards, Education Loans, Motor loans, Insurance, FD’s and Mutual Funds. We work with over 90 partners that include India`s leading banks, NBFCs and mutual fund houses with operations that span across the country and offer more than 200 financial products.

  • Our Designated team compares product offerings on the basis of key criteria such as processing fees, interest rates, tenure and other features that matter the most to you. Apart from providing unbiased comparison insights, we also provide you with best-in-class assistance so that you get the best possible deal with minimum hassles.

  • Financial Freedom is the only financial marketplace in India that offers a complete spectrum of financial products, ranging from retail lending products, such as credit cards, personal loans, home loans, loans against property, auto loans, etc to investment products like mutual funds, savings account, and fixed deposit. Financial Freedom partners with over 75 banks and other financial institutions, catering to all segments with varied demographics.

  • In a nutshell, Financial Freedom ensures you are provided with the best product through the most convenient and hassle-free processes.

  • Financial Freedom offers customized solutions to all lending and investment needs of a customer. Our comparison team provides unbiased choices to our customers, based on his profile and needs, whether it is for a credit card, a loan, an Insurance or an Investment. After processing the latest financial numbers from virtually all banks and financial organizations, our team helps us to arrive at a smarter decision instantly for our customers.